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Yaz and Yasmin Cases Continue to Settle

By 13 November 2013Personal Injury

It is estimated that over $1.6 Billion USD has been paid out over Yasmin and Yaz blood clot embolism injuries already, with that number potentially continuing to rise.

In its 3rd quarter report, Bayer, the maker of Yasmin and Yaz, has stated that it has agreed to settled 7,660 clot injuries and 8,800 gallbladder injury claims. Bayer is still exposed to approximately 5,000 lawsuits in America as a result of its Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella, and Gianvi contraceptives (Ocella and Gianvi are generic versions of Yaz and Yasmin).

Medical studies have shown that compared to other contraceptives on the market, Yaz and Yasmin have an increased risk of side affects. Plaintiffs in legal actions against Bayer claim that they failed to warn consumers of the risks involved with consumption of the contraceptive.

The Yaz and Yasmin litigation was the largest consolidated litigation in the US for 2012.

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