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Misleading Charity Bins Cost Clothing Company $100,000

A Western Australian Company has been fined $100,000 over a misleading sign on used-clothing bins. The signs suggested that the clothing donations would be sent to poor children in Africa. In reality the company was a for-profit venture that sold the clothing to merchants in Africa for a profit.

Call for Legal Privilege for Tax Agents

The Institute of Public Accountants has called for legal privilege, the most secretive form of confidential information, to extend to registered tax accountants giving tax advice to clients. The Institute has said that this privilege would bring Australia into line with other countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, it would also allow honest and open conversations between tax payers and their tax agents.

Google Glass Could Face Hurdles Under Proposed Privacy Law Refom

The proposed changes to state and federal privacy laws could create significant legal problems for Google Glass enthusiasts. The latest discussion paper from the ALRC argues that the use of devices to record private conversations or activities of individuals should be deemed illegal.

Hannay Sues Newman and Bleijie Over Comments

Chris Hannay has launched legal action against Premier Campbell Newman and Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie. Mr Hannay seeks a total of $600,000 from each over allegedly defamatory comments made in February.

Facebook Family, Friends and Fools – The Four Obstacles for Divorcing Couples

Jennifer Hetherington from McKays Solicitors gives her 10 point checklist of do’s and don’ts, as well as debunks many myths about family law in a piece for the Canberra Times.

High Court Rules NSW Laws Allow for the term ‘Sex’ to be Defined Outside of Male/Female.

The High Court has ruled that NSW Laws do not restrict the registration of ┬ásex’s outside of male and female. The High Court challenge came out after Norrie, a Sydney resident applied for a name change and to be registered as a person of non-specific sex in 2010. The registrar at first agreed, however asserted this was a mistake and the recognition was revoked, arguing that the current laws do not allow for the recognition of an individual outside of a male or female.

Town in Court Battle to Save its Existence

The tiny town of Bulg has fought off plans by Rio Tinto to demolish half of its village in an amazing David v Goliath fight.

Melbourne Lawyer Struck Off for $12 Million Ponzi Scheme Scam

A former lawyer who revealed to the Legal Services Board in Victoria that he had been stealing clients’ money through an investment scheme has been struck off. Phillip David Linacre built a Ponzi scheme of over $12 million as has pleaded guilty to 21 counts of obtaining property by deception.

Police Lodge Appeal over Noosa Sentence

Police have lodged an appeal of the sentencing of Virgil Macquarie Power. Mr Power assaulted Michael Halbauer with a single punch to the head at a steak house in Noosa Heads. He was sentenced to 240 hours of community service, with no conviction recorded. Police will appeal the sentence claiming it is manifestly inadequate.

Safe Harbour for Internet Platform Providers such as Google and Facebook.

The ALRC has offered a sneak peak into its report, which will include safe harbour provisions to internet platform providers. The provisions will protect providers from prosecutions for the carrying of invasive material.

Hon Kevin Lindgren AM, QC Advocates for Licence for IFA and Other to be Called Salespeople.

QC and former Federal Court Judge has said the only way to resolve the ‘best interests’ duty is to legislate for the difference between an independent financial advisors, who would be required to act in the best interests, and salespeople, who would not.

First Major Review of Competition Law in 20 Years

Small Business Minister Bruce Billson has announced an inquiry into consumer protections, anti-competitive conduct and business regulation. The last major review of these laws was undertaken in 1993.