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WA Considers Background Checks For Partners

By 7 January 2014Family Law

In a idea floated by the WA Law Reform Commission, persons would be able to apply to the police to be advised if their partner has a violent past.

The idea is similar to a sucessful pilot program in the UK that allows a partner or concerned 3rd party to apply to the police to be informed of any previous history of family and domestic violence. Less than 1/3 of applications made in the UK were allowed, and 1/4 of those made were by concerned 3rd parties. The program will be fully rolled out in the UK in March.

Whilst there are many benefits to the proposed scheme, the commission highlights the potential that the process may provide a false sense of security to applicants. The Australian Lawyers Alliance has stated that whilst they recognise the potential benefits of the proposed scheme, the potential for abuse of the process is concerning.


Submission to the WA Law Reform Commission close at the end of January.


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