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Recently 5 Victorians with alleged connections to bikie organisations in Victoria were arrested whilst on holidays at the Gold Coast. Whilst out getting chinese food and ice cream last Friday, they were stopped and questioned by police, two days later they were arrested, detained and charged for being in a group.

In another food related arrest, Joshua Carew earned 15 days with just a basin, toilet and bed, and later a transfer to the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre for delivering a pizza. Joshua has missed out on spending Christmas and New Years with his wife and 2 children.

On December 12, Mr Carew who partly owns a pizza restaurant in Nambour, delivered a pizza to his brother-in-law at the Yandina Pub. His brother was having a beer with 3 other men. These men are alleged to be members of the Rebels motorcycle club. Mr Carew did not join the men for pizza and beer, but said hello to his brother-in-law and the men he was with.

Mr Carew was unsuccessful in obtaining bail, however two of the 5 men did receive bail on the 20th of December. Another hearing is scheduled for the Brisbane Supreme Court later this week. If unsuccessful, Mr Carew will be detained until his hearing on the 24th of March.

Incoming human rights commissioner Tim Wilson expressed his concern today over the laws stating, “The imprisonment of people for free association who are not otherwise engaged in criminal activity is deeply, deeply disturbing”