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Students Cop Fines Over Marine Safety

By 20 May 2014Criminal Law
Students Cop Fines Over Marine Safety - Law Buddy

7 students from the University of Queensland have been issued fines for jumping from a commercial boat at night, whilst on a party cruise down the Brisbane River. The students caused the cruise to come to an abrupt halt when they jumped overboard into the Brisbane River. Police were called and a maritime search was commenced to find and save the students. It was later discovered that the student had all made it ashore safely.

Potentially unbeknown to the students was that their actions were not only unsafe, but illegal. Each student has been fined $2,040 for failing to comply with the Marine Safety National Law Act. The Act provides that all passengers on domestic commercial vessels have a duty to care for their own safety, failure to do so may result in a court ordered fine of up to $34,000 or 12 months imprisonment.