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What is a Special Hardship Order?

Special Hardship Order

Special Hardship Orders

Have you received a notice suspending your licence for either the accumulation of demerit points, or for a speeding offence?

If you have received such a notice and you have extenuating circumstances, you can apply for a Special Hardship Order and if successful, allows you to continue to drive.

Basically, you’re over the first hurdle when either:

– You have received a notice suspending your licence for accumulation of demerit points; or
– You have received a notice suspending your licence for a high range speeding offence.

The second hurdle is making sure that in the last 5 years:

– Your Queensland driver’s licence has not been suspended or cancelled;
– You haven’t previously made a special hardship order application; or
– A court has not disqualified your licence.

The third and probably the most difficult hurdle for many people is that the court is considering your application for a Special Hardship Order must be satisfied of two things:

– You are a fit and proper person to continue to drive, having regard to the safety other road users;
– The refusal to grant a special hardship order would cause you or your family member extreme hardship and either deprive you of the means of earning a living or cause severe hardship by denying a family member to earn a living.

To better your chances of success, we recommend firstly seeking legal advice and have a lawyer make the application for you!