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Finding a lawyer to represent your legal matter to a standard you deserve is often a difficult process. At LawBuddy, we are committed to helping you make the choice according to your geographical location and applicable specialist area. If you reside in Rockhampton, our Rockhampton Lawyers are the people to see.

Our Rockhampton Family Lawyers: 

One of the many specialist areas our Rockhampton lawyers cover is family law. In a society where 50% of all marriages fail, it is imperative that expert family lawyers are ready to help. Our Rockhampton family lawyers understand that going through a family law dispute is an emotional and trialling time in a person’s life. A fear of the unknown and a deep concern for the future often prevails, leaving most clients feeling stressed and helpless. However, our family lawyers are here to minimise the stress! Not only do we help with parenting and custody matters, divorce and separation, property settlements etc, we will be your backbone throughout the duration of your legal matter.

Our Rockhampton Criminal Lawyers: 

Whether you are facing repeat court sentences or even a life sentence, a good criminal lawyer is imperative! Travelling through the criminal justice system is unquestionably one of the most daunting experiences, especially when confronted with it alone. That is why our Rockhampton criminal lawyers are here to help. By choosing one of our highly trained and easily accessible lawyers, you will reap the benefits. Our criminal lawyers will provide you with legal services covering criminal offences such as drink/drug driving charges, assault offences, murder/manslaughter, breaches of bail etc. Our Rockhampton criminal lawyers are available for a chat at any time to suit you.

Our Rockhampton Civil Lawyers: 

Our Rockhampton Civil Lawyers are a team of dedicated experts who will work diligently and efficiently to deliver a successful outcome. If you have found yourself in a dispute with noisy neighbours or you have been defamed by somebody, our lawyers will give you a strong representation and protect your best interests.

Our Rockhampton Employment lawyers: 

Employment law is notorious for being a tedious and complex area of law which is why an experienced and dedicated employment lawyer is preferable. Our team of professional employment lawyers can help you with advice and representation in unfair dismissal, issues relating to recovery of employee entitlements, drafting of employment handbooks and everything else within the range of employment law.

Our Rockhampton Business Lawyers: 

Being an owner of a business is an exciting and rewarding experience. However there are a number of legal obstacles that need to be encountered depending on information specific to your business. If you have a business in Rockhampton or if you are thinking about starting one, our Rockhampton business lawyers are here to help you on your journey. Our Rockhampton business lawyers are flexible and are ready to chat about your business when you choose to do so.

Our Rockhampton Wills and Estate Lawyers: 

While we have a broad array of practice areas, our Rockhampton lawyers specialise in Wills and Estate law. Our Rockhampton Wills and Estate lawyers have a passion for the area and hence, will represent your matter in the best way possible.

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