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Fonterra Recalls Cream Potentially Contaminated With E. Coli

By 15 January 2014Personal Injury

Fonterra, a New Zealand dairy company, has had to recall almost 9,000 bottles of cream over fears they may contain  E. Coli. The company has issued a recall for Anchor and Pams cream with a best before date of January 21, 2014. These bottles were distributed to the North Island of New Zealand, from the Northland to Turangi, including Gisborne. The recall affects both retail and food outlets.

The news comes amid the food group Danone announcing that it would cease the purchase of products from Fonterra and will be suing Fonterra over lost sales due to a baby formula recall 5 months ago. The previous recall came after Fonterra suspected that the whey protein used in the formula was potential contaminated with  botulism-causing bacteria. The recall was however a false alarm, as no contamination was found.