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At LawBuddy, our Queensland lawyers are here to provide expert advice and strong representation extending to all Queenslanders within the state. Here at LawBuddy, we have over 100 Queensland lawyers – each positioned from as South as Coolangatta, to as North as Cooktown, inland to Mt Isa, and all surrounding counterparts. Our Queensland lawyers understand that no two matters are the same, and hence, are equipped with an array of expertise to help. Our lawyers can assist with legal matters such as drink driving, traffic offences, personal injuries, criminal matters and family law.

Many courts and tribunal locations are occupied over Queensland and in remote areas. Queensland Lawyers are easily accessible across all regions and are committed to assisting you in order to receive the best outcome possible.

Our Queensland Drink Driving Lawyers

Our Queensland drink driving lawyers can assist you in applying for a work license, providing information on drink driving programs to lower suspension periods, and represent you in court. Our Queensland drink driving lawyers will ensure you get the best possible outcome specific to your legal matter.

Our Queensland Traffic Lawyers

Our Queensland traffic lawyers are here to help you with matters such as unlicensed driving, speeding charges, traffic infringements, and applications for a hardship license.

Our Queensland Personal Injury Lawyers

Making a personal injury claim in Queensland such as negligence, workers compensation and car/motor vehicle accident injury compensation is often a tedious process. To avoid the monotony of it all, our Queensland personal injury lawyers are here to help. Our lawyers will provide expert legal advice and representation on a no win, no fee basis. This means that in the event your claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay our fee.

Our Queensland Family Lawyers

Any relationship breakdown is stressful. It can pose financial difficulties and can often lead to having to make some big decisions. Here at LawBuddy, our Queensland family lawyers can assist you with the following: custody matters, binding financial agreements and applying for recovery orders. Our lawyers understand the fragility of such matters and are committed to helping you receive your desired outcome.

If you have any legal issues that we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact our Queensland Lawyers at www.lawbuddy.com.au

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