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PodcastsWills & Estates
3 August 2019

The Big Mistake People Make!

When was the last time you considered your estate plan? If you’re like most Australians it’s probably long overdue. The catastrophic consequences of not having an up to date Will…

Personal Injury LawPodcasts
3 August 2019

What is a TPD Claim and How Can I Make One in Queensland?

Many people who have suffered injury and cannot return to work are unaware that they may be able to access substantial, large lump sums available through their superannuation policy or…

road rage lawyers Personal Injury LawPodcasts
9 October 2018

What to Do If You Have Been Injured in a Road Rage

Every year the numbers of people injured in a road rage attack increases.  In this podcast, Accredited Personal Injury Law Specialist, Jeremy Roche gives advice on what to do if…

granny flat PodcastsSeniors Law
4 July 2014

Think Twice About a Granny Flat

Thinking of letting the oldies move in? Many Australians, particularly given the ageing population and somewhat limited retirement housing options available and not to mention, centre link concession benefits as…

Jailed For Not Paying Wifes Mortgage Family LawPodcasts
4 June 2014

Jailed for Not Paying Wife’s Mortgage

The importance of taking Court Orders seriously was reiterated last week by Federal Magistrate, Michael Jarrett who jailed a man for three months for not, among other things paying his…

Family Law Court Australia Family LawPodcasts
4 June 2014

Don’t Go to the Family Law Court

If only couples in family law disputes would sort out there issues themselves, is a statement I’ve heard from so many family lawyers. Family disputes are emotionally-charged events for all…

Working-And-Dying-In-The-Outback Personal Injury LawPodcasts
4 April 2014

Working and Dying in the Outback

Farms are one of the most dangerous workplaces in Australia. Every three days someone dies on a farm in this country, and country kids are often involved in accidents, probably…

Family LawPodcasts
20 October 2013

What to Consider if You Are Separating

The decision to separate should never be a decision that is made lightly. There is plenty of research that reveals that separation and divorce is one of the most stressful…

PodcastsWills and Estates
12 October 2013

How to Avoid a Nightmare

In 3 minutes time, your loved one has a car accident. You need to make decisions for them urgently. You won’t believe how difficult it may be for you to…

PodcastsSeniors LawWills and Estates
10 October 2013

Transition into Aged Care

The transition from home or hospital into an aged care facility is overwhelming for many people. The administrative and legal processes are complex and are often considered at a time…

Criminal LawPodcasts
2 October 2013

A Court Plugging People into Help

Courts can be tremendous places to provide services that help people with their problems and better still, if the services provided or offered address the reasons why people are in…

Family LawPodcasts
15 September 2013

Taking Care of Yourself During Separation

Sadly in Australia relationship breakdown and everything else that follows is on the increase, which begs the question, not only why, but what do we do about it. Like most…

Criminal LawPodcasts
12 April 2013

“Go Anywhere” Parole Orders

New changes are afoot in NSW that provide a seamless transfer of people on parole from state to state, in other words prior to the introduction of this legislation, a…

PodcastsWills and Estates
4 April 2013

Been Left out of a Will?

When someone dies and they leave little or no provision for a family member in their will, those wills can find themselves contested. In fact, it occurs so often that…

Criminal LawPodcasts
4 April 2013

Phone Tapping Increase

Has your phone been tapped? Under new proposed legislation, it might be. In 2011, it was estimated that there were 3488 telephone interception warrants issued, suggesting that it is 20…

Disability LawPodcasts
4 April 2013

Coming Back After a Brain Injury

The numbers of people in Australia who suffer from an Acquired Brain Injury are staggering. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 338 700 Australians (1.9% of the total Australian…

Family LawPodcasts
4 April 2013

New Domestic Violence Laws and You

On the 17th of September, there was a raft of new legislation introduced, relating to the issue of domestic violence in Queensland, in particular new definitions of what may be…

Criminal LawPodcasts
4 April 2013

Getting Tasered

Has the Taser become a device too readily used by Police throughout Australia? This question, although not directly, was asked at the inquest into the death of a Brazilian student…

Personal Injury LawPodcasts
4 April 2013

No Fault No Care

Recent media attention on a 32 year old man who suffered an acquired brain injury, as well as significant injuries in a motor vehicle accident has been refused compensation because…

Criminal LawGeneral LawPodcasts
21 July 2012

Smacking Laws in Queensland

The issue of “smacking” children is a contentious one. In this podcast, Dan Toombs talks with criminal lawyer Alex Jones about the implications of smacking.

Criminal LawPodcasts
21 May 2012

Sex Offenders Who Will Not Get Help

Surprisingly, it is not mandatory for sex offenders incarcerated in Queensland prisons to undertake treatment for their perversion. In this podcast, Dan Toombs talks with experienced criminal lawyer, Michael Bosscher.

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