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At LawBuddy, we have over 100 New South Wales lawyers ready to assist you with your legal matter at any time. Our New South Wales lawyers have expertise in a broad array of practice areas such as criminal law, traffic and drink driving law, family law, civil law, immigration law and everything applicable in between. Our New South Wales lawyers are easily accessible, residing in geographical locations convenient for you. Not only do our lawyers practice on the NSW East coast, an extensive network of our lawyers are located throughout Sydney and surrounding suburbs. To cater for our regional clients, we are also located in Wagga Wagga, Albury, Griffith, extending out to Broken Hill.

Our New South Wales Lawyers strive for excellence and will assist you in resolving your legal matter cost effectively and stress free.

Our New South Wales Criminal Lawyers: 

Most commonly, criminal law matters in New South Wales engage the person, property or fraud. The seriousness of your offence will dictate which court your matter will ultimately be dealt with. Any form of criminal charges will result in a consequence; sometimes even a term of imprisonment. However, having a good criminal lawyer will significantly minimise any punishment the court may give you. Our New South Wales criminal lawyers understand how the criminal justice system works, taking the pressure off of you to navigate its complexities.

Our New South Wales Traffic Lawyers: 

Being tangled up in a traffic incident is not only a stressful experience, but can pose huge ramifications depending on the description. In order to protect your interests as a driver, it is crucial to contact a traffic lawyer as soon as possible following the incident. Obtaining a traffic offence charge can result in the disqualification of your drivers licence, expensive fines, imprisonment and even civil actions against you. At LawBuddy, our New South Wales traffic lawyers will provide you with the knowledge and advice you need to give you the best possible outcome. Our traffic lawyers will ensure you are familiar with your options as well as offer expertise in what choice to make.

Our New South Wales Drink Driving Lawyers: 

Facing a drink driving charge is one of the most common traffic offences people encounter. If you have found yourself involved with a DUI offence, it is imperative that you make contact with a drink driving lawyer as soon as possible. If you reside in New South Wales, our New South Wales drink driving lawyers are here to help!  Our team of experts understand the traffic law system and will ensure you receive the best outcome possible specific to your matter.

Our New South Wales Family Lawyers: 

Going through a marriage breakdown? Having trouble understanding your legal rights and obligations? Live in New South Wales? It is pertinent that you contact one of our New South Wales family lawyers. Family law is a complex area of law and involves understanding the legal actions involved as well as what alternatives are available to you. Our New South Wales family lawyers are here to resolve custody matters or property settlement disputes and will do so with compassion and understanding.

Our New South Wales Civil Lawyers: 

In New South Wales, civil matters will be heard in either the court system or the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. At LawBuddy, our New South Wales civil lawyers have expertise in recovering monies, resolving disputes with rental properties, dismissal claims, bullying and harassment in the workplace. If you have a matter within the realm of civil law and reside in New South Wales, it is important that you contact one of our New South Wales civil lawyers.

Our New South Wales Immigration Lawyers: 

Understanding the many facets of immigration law is often a confusing and tiresome experience, especially when doing so alone. That is why our New South Wales immigration lawyers are here to help. We can help you tackle tasks as little as helping you access the correct visa to guiding you through lodging an appropriate application form with the DoHA.

Our New South Wales Personal Injury Lawyers: 

Making a personal injury claim is simple. If you have been injured on the roads, at work, in a public place or because of medical negligence, it’s likely that you will be entitled to compensation. Our team of New South Wales personal injury lawyers will fight harder for your rights.

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