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New Laws for South Australian Pubs and Clubs Take Effect Today

By 1 October 2013General Law

New laws come into effect today in Adelaide that enforce a lock out on patrons, increases regulation on the promotion and sale of alcohol and allows for the greater use of security devices in pubs and clubs.

The new laws will restrict any person from entering or re-entering a pub or club after 3am (CST). It will also allow for further use of camera’s and metal detectors, and will limit the early morning promotion of alcohol. Finally it will restrict when glass may be used to serve patrons.

The first four weeks after the introduction of the new laws will be solely educational, for both pubs and clubs, and for patrons. Venues that breach the code will only receive warnings and will be given time to purchase plastic drink containers and install closed circuit cameras.

The changes were unsuccessfully challenged in the South Australian Supreme Court last week.


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