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Neighbours from Hell

By 12 April 2013General Law

I once had a neighbor called Kevin, and most of the time Kevin was a nice bloke.

Do anything for you, rough diamond, salt of the earth type. The problem we had with Kevin was – he liked rum , and Kevin often would drink at 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning, sitting on his front steps ( which were adjacent to our bedroom window ) .

You would here the cap unscrewed, and then chucked at the bin, which he often missed. One can only presume he drank the whole bottle, since the cap never went back on; and Kevin had mates; loud mates!

It can be the baying beagle driving you crazy, or the kid down the street constantly riding up and down on his Kawasaki with the broken muffler, the teenager with his new drum-kit or the old guy who likes to mow his lawn at 6am, before it gets too hot.

Recently in our town, an application to establish a new campus for an early childhood school was rejected. This is a wonderful facility in its present location , run by a highly respected and much awarded educator. He wished to expand and offer his services to more children, however the site chosen was at the end of a dead – end residential street, and the community who lived in this quiet location felt that the impact on their environment justified a battle. After going through the legal wrangle for four years, the residents won.

Rolf De Heer , the movie director who made the much acclaimed ” Ten Canoes “, has just released a black comedy ” The King is dead “.This is about a young couple, sick of loud parties, drug dealing and violence , who decide to get rid of their neighbour.

But we don’t advocate tossing strychnine – laced chops over the colourbond fence !

If you’ve got some hullaballoo happening in your street, there are some established paths you can take yourself:

  • Talk about it. Your neighbour may not perceive your issue as a problem, but dialogue may get him or her to understand your position, and vice versa.
  • Put it in writing. A typical example would be, an adjoining fence. If you do the legwork, get the quotes for various types of construction and pass them on, he or she may be agreeable.


Now, if you want to spend some money on it:


Engage a trained mediator. They may aid you both in reaching a satisfactory resolution.

Go to Court

If nothing else works, you may have to engage a lawyer and take the matter to the local court.