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Needles in Strawberries Cause Injuries

By 16 September 2018Personal Injury Law
needles in strawberries

The needles in strawberries crisis continues in Australia, as major supermarkets are not only removing brands that have been associated with the danger, but all other brands as well.

You may ask, “why are supermarkets taking this to the extreme?”

Well, of course, a lot of it has to do with legal liability.

There have been numerous cases of people injured, most recently with a man who swallowed half a needle. If it were the case that this man or anyone else wished to seek legal recourse, an action may well be successful against both the supermarket and in turn the strawberry growers and packers.

The relevant personal injury laws that apply is that of the most fundamental and that being a company may can be deemed negligent if it was aware of a foreseeable risk and failed to intervene. In the case of the needles in the strawberries, it would be likely that if a supermarket was sued, it would, in turn, sue the growers or packers for their potential failure in not supplying stock that was safe.

In relation to the amount of compensation one could receive if injured by a needle in a strawberry, it, of course, depends on the extent of the injury, pain and suffering and any economic loss that was suffered because of it.

In such cases, like all personal injury matters, there are very strict limits and getting advice early as you can is important.