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Motorists Still Failing to Stop.

By 8 October 2013General Law

With nearly 10 motorists a day failing to stop for police, you could be forgiven for thinking that Queensland needer tougher penalties for evading police.

New penalties were introduced in August 2012, that allowed for fines of $5500 and an automatic licence suspension of two years for persons found guilty of evading police.

In the year to September 29, police have reported 2652 occasions where motorists have refused to stop for police, 1671 of those offenders were never caught.

A spokesperson for Police Minister Jack Dempsey revealed police evasion legislation is under review in order to ensure that it meets the expectations of the community. Acting President of the Queensland Police Union, Shayne Maxwell said that it is important that the no pursuit policy is altered to meet community expectations, and welcomes any improvements that will ensure magistrates are able to enforce police evasion laws.


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