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Men Make Bail After Ice Cream Arrest

By 30 January 2014Criminal Law

3 Victorian men, who whilst on holiday in Queensland were arrested and charged under Queensland’s anti-association laws, have been granted bail by the Supreme Court.

Originally 5 Victorian men, they were on holiday in Surfers Paradise with their families and originally encountered police when they left their hotel rooms to get some ice cream. They were later charged and arrested when police became aware of their alleged connections with motorcycle groups outside of Queensland. Charges against 2 of the men were dropped early on after the Crown could not prove their ongoing connection with a criminal organisation.

The 3 men have been in solitary confinement since their arrest on January 9. Their solicitor described their custodial conditions as comparable to dog kennels. The men were kept in a 4m X 5m room for 23 hours a day. A trial will likely take place in May.

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