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Man Aids His Own Capture – Shares Police Wanted Picture of Himself on Facebook.

By 28 January 2014Criminal Law

Anthony James Lescowitch Jr. was wanted since November last year in regards to an assault that took place in July.

On the morning of the 21st of January 2013, local police in Pennsylvania posted a wanted picture to Facebook.The post urged their followers to contact them should they know the location on Mr Lescowitch and was accompanied by a picture. Mr Lescowitch saw this post, presumably enjoyed it immensely and shared it publicly. Police believe that whilst Mr Lescowitch did intend to share the post, he did not intend to do so publicly.

Police quickly noticed this surprising turn of events and turned them to their advantage. Officer Rentschler, posing as an attractive lady, began to converse with Mr Lescowitch via Facebook. In the course of the 30 minute conversation, police gathered key intelligence on Mr Lescowitch, and arranged for a meeting.

When Mr Lescowitch arrived at the meeting place he was not met by the attractive lady he was talking to online, he was instead arrested by police.

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