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Here at LawBuddy, Our Mackay lawyers are committed to putting you first. Representing Australians for over 40 years, our Mackay lawyers are experienced and provide a compassionate environment for all clients. We specialise in an array of areas specific to your needs.

Our Mackay Family Lawyers: 

Are you going through a family breakdown? Or need legal advice regarding any area of family law? Our Mackay Family Lawyers can help! Our Mackay Family Lawyers are a team of friendly and highly skilled specialists who are committed to ensuring your legal matter is handled in the best way possible. With every matter handled with commitment and care, we negotiate quickly, fairly and effectively to get you back on track. Regardless of where you reside, we are devoted to providing you with a strong representation and good legal advice.

Our Mackay Criminal Lawyers: 

Undergoing a criminal trial without the guidance of an experienced defence lawyer is a bad decision. By choosing a criminal/ defence lawyer to represent your matter, you are setting yourself up with strong representation in court, expert legal advice and clarity regarding your rights in the process. Our Mackay criminal lawyers are here to abolish all of your concerns and uncertainty relating to your dilemma and provide you with a systematic and top-down approach to successfully achieving the desired outcome.

Our Mackay Civil Lawyers: 

Experiencing a civil dispute is often a stressful time and can even be worse without an experienced civil lawyer. Our team of Mackay civil lawyers are made up of highly qualified specialists striving for excellence in every matter they are confronted with. Our Mackay civil lawyers are equipped with the tools necessary in assuring you of a successful outcome. Our lawyers cover body corporate disputes to defamation disputes and everything in between. Our Mackay Civil Lawyers believe that a strong representation and successful court case stems from a deep understanding of each applicable case.

Our Mackay Employment Lawyers: 

Proven by our positive testimonies, our Mackay Employment Lawyers are renowned for tackling complex legal matters and navigating all facets of employment law to a gold standard. Our Mackay employment lawyers are recognised advocates for fair work. Here at LawBuddy, our Mackay employment lawyers understand the valuable time, skills and talents that employees give employers and hence, are devoted to cooperating with you to achieve a fair reward.

Our Mackay Business Lawyers:

Owning a business requires strong determination, dedication, persistence and only pays off in the long term. This is why our team of Mackay Business Lawyers provide expert advice tailored to your business and its future. Our team of expert specialists are experienced and equipped with everything needed to give you the right answer. Reaching a sustainable and quick solution is the epicenter of our business, giving you the head start to pursue yours.

Our Mackay Wills and Estate Lawyers: 

Are you looking for a Wills and Estate Lawyer who has your best interest in the estate you leave behind? Our Mackay Wills and Estate Lawyers are the pick of the bunch. In a highly sensitive and often delicate matter, our Wills and Estate lawyers will take a compassionate and holistic approach to ensure you and your family’s needs are met.

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