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The Big Mistake People Make!

| Podcasts, Wills & Estates | No Comments

When was the last time you considered your estate plan? If you’re like most Australians it’s probably long overdue. The catastrophic consequences of not having an up to date Will…

What is a TPD Claim and How Can I Make One in Queensland?

| Personal Injury Law, Podcasts | No Comments

Many people who have suffered injury and cannot return to work are unaware that they may be able to access substantial, large lump sums available through their superannuation policy or…

road rage lawyers

What to Do If You Have Been Injured in a Road Rage

| Personal Injury Law, Podcasts | No Comments

Every year the numbers of people injured in a road rage attack increases.  In this podcast, Accredited Personal Injury Law Specialist, Jeremy Roche gives advice on what to do if…

personal injury lawyers

Insurance Company Knocks Paraplegic But Then Gets Smashed

| Personal Injury Law | No Comments

You wouldn’t be surprised in learning that when it comes to claiming insurance in the most horrendous circumstances, insurance companies regardless of who they are typically let Australians down. Last…

festival deaths sue

Festival Deaths at Defqon. Who is to Blame?

| Personal Injury Law | No Comments

The Sydney Dance Festival “Defqon” has allegedly claimed the deaths of 2 people over the weekend. Joseph Pham, 23, from Sydney, had a cardiac arrest and died after a drug…

wrong diagnosis legal action

Appendix Removed After Bad Diagnosis

| Medical Negligence, Personal Injury Law | No Comments

In the case of Jaime White, upon complaining to Doctors of pain in her abdomen, they responded by removing her appendix and allegedly failed to correctly diagnose the pain was…

needles in strawberries

Needles in Strawberries Cause Injuries

| Personal Injury Law | No Comments

The needles in strawberries crisis continues in Australia, as major supermarkets are not only removing brands that have been associated with the danger, but all other brands as well. You…

how to choose the best family lawyer

The Benefits of Hiring a Good Family Lawyer

| Family Law | No Comments

It is an unfortunate reality that many people throughout their lives will find them in a situation where they need the guidance of a Family Lawyers. However, many believe that…

car accident

The Steps to Filing a Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claim in Queensland

| Personal Injury Law | No Comments

If you find yourself wondering how to file a road accident injury claim, you likely have a lot of questions and concerns. It can be a difficult and stressful time,…

Police Officer

Do the Police Need a Search Warrant?

| Criminal Law | No Comments

Search warrants. Anyone who has watched a crime drama on television is familiar with the concept: police officers charging into a home on the authority of a piece of paper….

charged with drink driving

I Have Been Charged with Drink Driving in Queensland

| Traffic Law | No Comments

Drink driving is a criminal offence which involves operating a motor vehicle whilst impaired by alcohol to the point that the effects render the driver incapable of operating a motor…

appeal magistrates court

Can I Appeal A Magistrates Court Decision?

| Criminal Law, Traffic Law | No Comments

The Magistrates Court of Queensland is the lower level of the Queensland Court system and sees many minor offences; hearing about 95% of court cases. Most of both criminal and…

Special Hardship Order

What is a Special Hardship Order?

| Criminal Law, Traffic Law | No Comments

Special Hardship Orders Have you received a notice suspending your licence for either the accumulation of demerit points, or for a speeding offence? If you have received such a notice…

Family Law Frequently Asked Questions

Family Law | Frequently Asked Questions

| Family Law | No Comments
LawBuddy offers a quick and easy way to find the right lawyer for you. How long will it take to have my divorce finalised? The law requires that a marriage...
Frequently Asked Questions about Property Law

Property Law Frequently Asked Questions

| Consumer Law, General Law, Property Law, Small Business Law | No Comments

LawBuddy offers a quick and easy way to find the right lawyer for you.   Is my property held as a joint tenant or as tenants in common? If you…

Frequently Asked Questions for Criminal Law Cases

Criminal Law Frequently Asked Questions

| Criminal Law | No Comments

LawBuddy Criminal Law Frequently Asked Questions LawBuddy offers a quick and easy way to find the right lawyer for you. What is the difference between an indictable, summary and regulatory…

granny flat

Think Twice About a Granny Flat

| Podcasts, Seniors Law | No Comments

Thinking of letting the oldies move in? Many Australians, particularly given the ageing population and somewhat limited retirement housing options available and not to mention, centre link concession benefits as…


Lucky Number 13?

| Consumer Law | No Comments

Lucky 13 is a clothing company that was launched in 1991 and is based in Orange County. Lucky 13 designed and creates vintage American apparel for men and women. Lucky…

Fined Over Pizza Wages? Contact our lawyers today.

Man Fined Over Pizza Wages

| Business Law | No Comments

In Melbourne a restaurant owner and 2 companies have been fined more than $300,000 and ordered to make payments to his staff of $79,000 after it was revealed that he…

Jailed For Not Paying Wifes Mortgage

Jailed for Not Paying Wife’s Mortgage

| Family Law, Podcasts | No Comments

The importance of taking Court Orders seriously was reiterated last week by Federal Magistrate, Michael Jarrett who jailed a man for three months for not, among other things paying his…

Family Law Court Australia

Don’t Go to the Family Law Court

| Family Law, Podcasts | No Comments

If only couples in family law disputes would sort out there issues themselves, is a statement I’ve heard from so many family lawyers. Family disputes are emotionally-charged events for all…

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