Alison Campbell - Criminal Law Solicitor at Bosscher Lawyers.

Alison Campbell – Bosscher Lawyers

Legal Practitioner Director
criminal law

Alison Campbell is a Legal Practitioner Director of Bosscher Lawyers

Specialised as a Criminal Law, Spousal, Children’s and Victims Advocate.

Alison holds a Bachelor of Business from the University of Queensland and a Bachelor of Laws from the Queensland University of Technology.

Alison’s is one of the State’s leading practitioners.

Alison has a passion for justice and a deep understanding of social issues that cause and perpetuate violence. Alison has a deep interest and is focused on the protection of the rights of women caught within the criminal justice system.

Alison has appeared as Solicitor Advocate in all stages of court proceedings and brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise.

In as much detail as possible, tell Alison Campbell – Bosscher Lawyers about the legal issue you wish to discuss, so the lawyer can be best prepared for your call.


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