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Jailed for Not Paying Wife’s Mortgage

By 4 June 2014Family Law, Podcasts
Jailed For Not Paying Wifes Mortgage

The importance of taking Court Orders seriously was reiterated last week by Federal Magistrate, Michael Jarrett who jailed a man for three months for not, among other things paying his ex-wife’s mortgage.

Despite receiving a $614,000 redundancy payout and his new partner earning a wage of approximately, $7,000 per week, the man aged in his 50’s claimed he defaulted on 5 home loan repayments and 2 rates payments because he was short of funds.

The court also heard that in March, there was a court order that he give the family BMW to his ex-wife, but failed at the time, to advise the magistrate he had secretly sold the vehicle.

It was also heard that he had boasted about this via his social media profiles.

The Court concluded that the man had no reasonable excuse for his non-compliance of the Court Orders and consequently jailed him for 3 months.