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Insurance Company Knocks Paraplegic But Then Gets Smashed

By 18 September 2018Personal Injury Law
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You wouldn’t be surprised in learning that when it comes to claiming insurance in the most horrendous circumstances, insurance companies regardless of who they are typically let Australians down.

Last week, the banking royal commission turned its spotlight on the superannuation fund REST and its group life insurer, AIA in their decision to knock back the insurance claim of a young woman who became paraplegic after a fall.

It was only after the woman sought legal advice and representation that she eventually received a payout.

The take home message for everyone is that typically it’s the practice of insurance companies to knock back initial claims, and it’s only after you repetitiously keep on their back that you potentially end up with what you’re entitled to.

If you’re in a similar situation, what we recommend you do following an insurance company’s denial of your claim, is to follow their review mechanisms that are usually described in your insurance contract. Failing this, you can lodge a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman or cut to the chase, and seek legal help.

You might be surprised to find, that even in the most simple insurance claim matters, a letter from a law firm can give a favourable result and in other matters where injury has been sustained, litigation is your only option. The latter might sound scary but as one of my personal injury colleagues once said, insurance companies won’t listen unless you’ve got a stick.

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