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Has the Taser become a device too readily used by Police throughout Australia?

This question, although not directly, was asked at the inquest into the death of a Brazilian student who was tasered in bursts of up to 14 seconds on 21 occasions, shortly before his death.

“We’ve seen plenty of cases where we believe that the Taser has been unnecessarily used” -Michael Bosscher

The inquest has also heard that in the final minutes of Roberto Curti’s life, two police officers were tasering him almost simultaneously. Not to mention at the time of his death, Mr Curti was surrounded by 11 police officers as he lay in Pitt Street in handcuffs.

The New South Wales coroner, Mary Jerram has handed down damning findings against police who acted “like schoolboys in Lord of the Flies” as they tasered Mr Curti.

Handing down her findings today, coroner Mary Jerram said the actions of police were reckless and excessive, and constituted an abuse of police power.

And she strongly recommended that disciplinary action be taken against five officers involved in the fatal confrontation.

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Dan Toombs talks to one of Australia’s most experienced criminal lawyers, Michael Bosscher about Taser use generally, and in particular, if you believe you have been tasered unreasonably and suffered as a result, what you should do about it.