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Extreme Anti-Bikie Legislation Passed

By 17 October 2013General Law

New Anti-Bikie legislation has been passed after a marathon session in Parliament, finally concluding at 3:00am (AEST).

The legislation names 26 organisations as criminal organisations, and includes

  • extra powers for the CMC,
  • a provision for a bikie only prison at Woodford,
  • mandatory sentencing for bikies,
  • No Gym or TV facilities in jail,
  • Bikies banned from holding a license for a tattoo parlour or being a tattoo artist,
  • Motorcycles to be crush for certain crimes.

Mr Bleijie admits the new laws are likely to be challenged, but holds firm on taking a tough stance, citing that more anti-bikie legislation is likely.

Concerns have been raised over after the normal consultation processes were ignored, leading to amongst other organisations the Queensland Law Society being kept out of the loop until very late last night, when copies of the proposed law were finally sent to them. This lack of consultation has been blamed for a last minute amendment being made to the bill that almost saw lawyers representing gang members classified as ‘violent lawless associates’.


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