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Essential Traveling Tips for Bali

If travelling to Bali for the first time, use a travel agent who is familiar with the island .This will save you money time and anxiety.

Copy all your documents, leave copies with family, and take copies with you.

Make sure your passport is up to date: if it has less than 6 months left before expiry, you won’t be going anywhere.

Register with : , it cost nothing, gives you and your family security in a crisis.

Avoid Nyepi Day ( Balinese New Year ) March/April , everything shuts down for three days.

Drug trafficking can be punishable by death, avoid finding out.

Did you know gambling is illegal in Indonesia?

Don’t stay beyond your visa date, usually 30 days. After that you can be jailed or fined.

It is illegal to give money to beggars. Probably won’t happen, but you can be fined.

Sexual contact with a child can result in a prison term of up to 15 years. (Adult in Indonesia for a male is 18 years old and female, 15 years old according to this site)

Indonesian law requires you to carry identification at all times.

If you hire a scooter, you may not be asked for a license, but Indonesian law requires you have a international drivers license.

Obey signs that prohibit photography, otherwise you may be in trouble.

Do not get scammed into buying cheap land, only Indonesians may do so.

Some regions of Indonesia are restricted, you may need authorisation to enter Aceh, Maluku and Irian Jaya.

Above all, enjoy your holiday, but be respectful of the Balinese culture which is principally a form of Hinduism.