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May 2011

Former labour MP, Peter Lawlor’s daughter has leg part amputated as result of being crushed by car in shopping centre car park. The driver was an 88 year old man. Police are investigating.
July 2011

A car driven by an 80 year old woman hit 3 people at a community centre in Brisbane. One of the injured, a 90 year old women died later in hospital. At this stage no charges have been laid.
May 2012

An elderly woman crashed her car into a motorhome and then a unit. She could have been confused by the controls of her new car.
June 2012

An elderly man from Redcliffe has died after being hit by a car driven by a 76 year old woman in a Hervey Bay shopping centre car park. It appears she pushed the accelerator rather than the brake pedal. The Forensic Crash unit is investigating.

September 2012

A Brisbane mother and her unborn child were struck and killed by a vehicle driven by a 76 year old woman in a car park at Cleveland. Police investigation is continuing.

September 24th 2012

Queensland Government considering changing the laws for older drivers.

Queensland drivers over 75 must have a medical check and carry certification that they are suitably fit to drive, however it is up to the individual GP to decide how often the check should be carried out. Legislation is currently being reviewed, and it is expected that this will change to a compulsory annual medical test after age 75.

The current Queensland Transport Minister has stated that the Older Driver Safety Advisory Committee report would be tabled with recommendations at the end of this year.

As well as self assessment, it is felt that family doctors have to be more responsible in deciding when to stop issuing medical certificates, and also family members should take part in persuading the elderly that it is time to hang up the keys and take a bus.

While police do not feel that older drivers are over – represented in motor vehicle accidents, statistically, we have an aging population, so more and more older drivers are going to be on our roads.

Here’s few questions for you if you’re on the other side of 75

  • Ask the last person that drove with you how they thought you went
  • Ask your Doctor how they think you are at your next check-up
  • and of course, ask your spouse (if you have one) for their opinion