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Don’t Go to the Family Law Court

By 4 June 2014Family Law, Podcasts
Family Law Court Australia

If only couples in family law disputes would sort out there issues themselves, is a statement I’ve heard from so many family lawyers.

Family disputes are emotionally-charged events for all involved and it’s invariably the case, that if all the stress associated can be shortened or minimised, then parties to the dispute may well be a whole lot better off.

Family Law Courts have always acknowledged that it is far better that couples resolve their own issues, as opposed to a Court making those decisions for them. Hence, there are numerous requirements that couples try a range of alternatives before the Court will weigh into the matter.

In this interview, Stephen Maguire from BM Law, a Brisbane Family Law Firm, interviews recently retired Family Law Court Judge, Brian Jordon.

It is an excellent interview in which Justice Jordan clearly explains what you should know before you appearing in the Family Law Court.