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Diane-35 Legal Action

Anti Acne Medication

A recent investigation has found that Diane-35 is still being prescribed by Australian doctors as a contraceptive, despite Australia only approving its use as an anti-acne medication.

In January this year, Dianne was temporarily banned in France following numerous deaths attributable to the increased risk of blood clots. Research to date reveals that the risk of such clots from this pharmaceutical and its generics is up to two times higher than other oral contraceptives on the market and four times higher than women not taking the pill at all.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has confirmed that it will now investigate claims the drug’s manufacturer Bayer breached laws that prevent them marketing the drug as a contraceptive.

The issue, of course, may potentially also lead to Doctors themselves being found culpable given that a number of them continue to prescribe Diane-35 as a contraceptive, rather than what it is approved for by the TGA.

The ABC Investigation is here

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