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Find a Business Law Lawyer in Australia

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Commercial Litigation

As a business owner, you have poured your heart and soul into your business. It has taken hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and no small amount of love to start it, maintain it, and help it grow. In pursuit of these goals you have had to perform many tasks, such as the formation of contracts, drafting business agreements, filing business documents, and more. Throughout this process, an experienced business law lawyer Australia can provide the much needed guidance required to best represent you and the interests of your business.

What is Commercial Litigation?

            As mentioned above, commercial litigation involves a great many things required in conducting business whether on a large or small scale. However, commercial litigation may also include loan agreements, unpaid debts, leases, trusts, partnership agreements, purchase orders, building contracts, property transfers, enforcing performance, employment contracts, and more. If you have any questions regarding your rights related to any of the above, you may also have a dispute or claim which falls under the purview of commercial litigation or business law.

What Do Business Lawyers Do?

            In addition to actually litigating…that is, prosecuting or defending a case in a court of law, a business lawyer will be able to give you valuable advice in every aspect of business operation. They will have the necessary expertise to help you draft contracts and business agreements, revise existing documents, and advise you on disputes with other parties. Their training and experience may also prove beneficial when structuring your business and hiring employees. In short, they can be a trusted ally in ensuring the success of your business.     

How to Find the Business Lawyer Who is Right for You:

  1. Research:

    The first step in finding a lawyer is research. Even a preemptory search on the computer can help you narrow your options. You can review their level of experience, field of expertise, the size of business they generally represent, and how much time they have to devote to your case. Additionally, it is never a bad idea to ask around. Friends, family, and trusted business associates are an excellent resource and, if they have used a business lawyer before, they will have formed an opinion (either positive or negative) of their experience. You may receive a glowing recommendation for a great lawyer, or at least be warned to avoid a subpar one.

  2. Determine Your Needs:

    During the research phase, you should assess the needs of your business. Does it need a large firm or small firm? One lawyer, or a whole team working together? In which industry should this lawyer have experience to most effectively represent the interests of your business? Are you going to need repeat work and will you want to use the same lawyer long term? All of these are questions you will need to both ask and answer when choosing a business law lawyer in Australia.

  3. Prepare:

    If you are seeking help drafting a document, such as an employment contract, partnership agreement, etcetera, then it would be wise to prepare a draft. On the one hand, it will help your lawyer determine your goal and give them the necessary information needed to complete the project. And on the other hand, it may decrease the legal costs as, if the document is well drafted, it may well only need revision in order to be appropriate.

  4. Have a Goal:

    When first talking with your lawyer, it is important to know what it is you want to achieve. Know what terms are most important to your business when forming a contract; determine what you need to make your business flourish, end communicate these things to your lawyer. With clear goals in mind, they will be able to focus their efforts on the priorities you have identified.

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