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Coming Off Second Best on a Quad Bike

Sat 26th March 2011. A 62 year old man dies after being thrown from a quad bike at a Jandowae property.

Wed 30th March 2011. A missing quad biker has been found dead in bushland in the NSW Hunter Valley. The 20 year old man left his home for a short ride through nearby bushland on Tuesday.

Thurs 21st April 2011. A 94 year old South Gippsland farmer died when the quad bike he was riding overturned on Thursday night.

Mon 21st Nov 2011. Two girls are recovering from a quad bike crash north of Melbourne that knocked them unconscious breaking several bones. They weren’t wearing helmets.

Sat 5th Sept 2012. Joshua Hoppe 11 years old was found dead by his brother trapped under his quad bike on the family farm at Boodua

Last year 23 people died in quad bike accidents in Australia. So far this year, there have been 14 deaths. The relatives of the latest tragedy, a young women killed while holidaying in New Zealand, are calling for mandatory roll bar protection on all-terrain vehicles.

According to the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety, the bikes do not need to conform to design standards, helmets are not compulsory, and there is no minimum age for riders. Quad bikes have overtaken tractors as the biggest killers on Australian farms, and young children are at particular risk while riding around on their own properties.

The Workplace Relations Minister, Bill Shorten, is threatening the industry with regulation if it does not voluntarily improve safety.Safework Australia will shortly call for submissions to make quad bikes safer.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, insist that making helmets compulsory, putting a mandatory age limit for riders, and compulsory training would prevent more injuries than installing roll bars.

The bikes now kill twice as many people on farms than tractors, but there are no laws governing their use. This may be difficult to enforce as most quad bikes are ridden on private properties, however young Australians are dying and some regulation is required.