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Big Scam on Small Business

By 12 April 2013General Law

Small businesses have been stung by finance deals which promise free laptops, plasma televisions and other equipment, all paid for by a single phone bill.

For many businesses in Australia, despite the deal sounding too good to be true, the sales gloss was overpowering, and now businesses are finding themselves in considerable debt.

A Salesman knocked on 74 year old farmer Alex Costa’s door six years ago with a deal sounding too good to be true. The only requirement on the part of Coast was to sign over his business phone line for 5 years and the company, Axsiom would throw in a brand, spanking new 42 inch television. The deal cost him more than $16,500 by way of a company called Quikfund direct debiting $275 from his account every 2 weeks.

Listen to Lawyer, Lauren Hicks from Attwood Marshall Lawyers, a law firm based in both QLD and NSW and took on the case for many businesses impacted by the scam.