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Bali: Paradise on a Pension

Live Like a King or Queen?

Retired and don’t have a lot of super?

Not interested in Bowls clubs?

Don’t want to live with the kids?

More and more senior Australians are moving to Bali. It has become the mecca for retirees wanting the good life they can’t find in Australian suburbia.

It is now possible to live in Bali under a retirement visa available to those over 55 who can fully support themselves. This growing colony of retirees have taken advantage of a one year visa costing A$1000 which can be extended annually for five years, at which point application can be made for permanent stay.

Is there more to it?

Those on a good self-funded pension can live quite luxuriously, however, this seductive lifestyle is luring more and more of our senior citizens. On a modest income, they can live well in a tropical environment, rent a house near the beach, Dine out regularly, and afford servants to do the hard yakka.

But there are drawbacks:

  • At the moment non- Indonesians cannot purchase property. Renting is the only option.
  • Visitors on a retirement visa cannot work, and must employ an Indonesian maid servant.
  • As one ages there is the increased worry about healthcare. If you have a heart attack in Bali, and ring for an ambulance the driver won’t be a highly trained paramedic.
  • Aged care: the first retirement village in Bali is currently being built.
  • Isolation from family in Australia : your daughter can’t just pop up the road to see how you are.

And of course there are the infrastructure problems : the increase in tourism means corresponding growth in rushed development, and issues in water shortages, electricity blackouts, poor sewerage systems, and traffic congestion.

So consequently, retirees have to weigh up the risks: While you are fit the lifestyle is great, but ailing health in later years is a big issue.

The Pension

Many people ask about how the pension is calculated should you move overseas. The Pension Supplement is reduced if a person leaves Australia permanently or after 6 weeks. In regards to the Aged Pension, after 26 weeks a person is paid a proportional amount of the pension, based on their Australian Working Life Residence. It is generally best to consult with Australian Government Department of Human Services for advice on how your pension will fare if you should travel overseas. The Dept. of Human Services contact details can be found here.