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Baden-Clay Trial – Jurors Will be Quizzed

By 3 June 2014Criminal Law
Baden-Clay Trial – Jurors Will be Quizzed

Listen closely – there will be a test.

In a pre-trial hearing, the Supreme Court ruled that jurors will be asked 3 simple questions.

The trial, which starts next Tuesday and will involved a total of 72 witnesses, is expected to take approximately 4 weeks.

Prior to selection, jurors will be asked the following questions:


  1. On or about 20 April 2012, did you or your immediate family reside in the Anstead, Bellbowrie, Brookfield or Chapel Hill suburbs;
  2. Have you ever attented any fund raising event or have you ever contributed to any fund set up in relation to the dissapearance or death of Allisson Baden-Clay;
  3. Have you ever expressed a view as to guilt or innocence of Gerard Baden-Clay.