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Australia’s Most Expensive (and Certainly Dramatic) Divorce

By 23 August 2013Family Law

A Woman who cannot be named is in the centre of a divorce that will no doubt be talked about for years to come. The Divorcee was suing her former lawyers Donaldson Walsh over the $4.12 Million bill for legal services, but has since reached an agreement with the firm.

The couple has spent over $36 Million on their divorce.

The case was originally presided over by Supreme Court Judge Robert Lunn, who had spent 29 years as a Master and a judge. However the case came to an interesting turn when Judge Robert Lunn retired last year, right in the middle of the case. Judge Lunn when announcing his retirement to the parties stated that “(This matter) will need to be heard before someone else because I’m not coming back to do it”.

After the news of retirement, the case was adjourned until March this year.

The Court heard on Wednesday that the Divorcee and 4 partners of Donaldson Walsh had reached an accord for $800,000. She now seeks damages from former partner of Donaldson Walsh Alan Branch. Mr Branch was the principal in the Divorcees case.

The case is now being heard by Judge Graham Dart.

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