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Australian Law Reform Commission Suggests A Right to Erase

By 27 November 2013General Law

The Australian Law Reform Commission has floated the idea of a right to erasure, a right which is also currently being considered  by the European Union.

The right to erasure would introduce a right for a person to request an organisation, such as a social media provider, to permanently delete information that they are the subject of, such a pictures. The right to erasure would only effect details that have been posted online with your consent, and would not extend to all data that you are the subject of.

Privacy groups have pushed for the further right to remove or censor other peoples posts if the post is embarrassing or defamatory to another. The head of the ALRC, Professor Barbara McDonald dismissed saying that ” You might think ‘I now realise I was really stupid to do that,’ and ask your friend to take it down, but enshrining it in law would be pretty difficult.”

The discussion comes amid thousands of schoolies related posts flooding social media, many of which are embarrassing and posted without consent.

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