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ACCC Launches Home-Grown Guide to Product Places of Origin

ACCC Launches Home - Grown Guide to Product Places of Origin - Law Buddy

This week, the ACCC released a guide directed to businesses to help them better understand the laws in place over country of origin claims.

The overriding principle is, as with all consumer legislation, to prevent false or misleading claims or conduct being made. The guide outlines that, as a general principle, a business can make a claim to a products origin so long as the claim is not false and misleading.

Areas of note:

Businesses should take care not to imply by words or images any claim that is false or misleading

Businesses should (generally) take the mind of the average consumer when determining whether something is false or misleading

The guide also explains general responsibilities of businesses and specific safe harbour defences to claims. A must read for consumers concerned about where their goods come from, and for business managers and owners.

You can read the guide here!