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Baden-Clay Trial – Jurors Will be Quizzed

Listen closely – there will be a test.

In a pre-trial hearing, the Supreme Court ruled that jurors will be asked 3 simple questions.

The trial, which starts next Tuesday and will involved a total of 72 witnesses, is expected to take approximately 4 weeks.

Prior to selection, jurors will be asked the following questions:


  1. On or about 20 April 2012, did you or your immediate family reside in the Anstead, Bellbowrie, Brookfield or Chapel Hill suburbs;
  2. Have you ever attented any fund raising event or have you ever contributed to any fund set up in relation to the dissapearance or death of Allisson Baden-Clay;
  3. Have you ever expressed a view as to guilt or innocence of Gerard Baden-Clay.


Dan Toombs
Dan Toombs is a Multi-Award Winning Lawyer. He has been awarded the Australia Leadership Award, National Human Rights Law Award, Winston Churchill Fellowship and numerous others. He is an Adjunct Professor at QUT Law School, published by Thomson Reuters and is the Director of Fast Firms, Australia's leading law firm marketing company.